Reeder + Instapaper

I’ve been reading my feeds on my iPod touch with Reeder for years. Even after buying an iPad, I often read on my iPod because it’s almost always in my pocket. When I find something I want to read later or come back to, Reeder lets me easily send it to my Instapaper account with 2 taps, which is awesome.

One annoyance I had with Reeder, though, was how jarring it was to follow a link and have to resize a web page to read anything. Tonight, while poking around in the settings for Reeder to turn off lots of the send-to options I never use, I stumbled on this:

Screen shot of Reeder settings

So now when I follow a link from a feed item, it opens with Instapaper’s beautifully optimized layout applied for reading on my iPod touch. So nice.

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