A new view on Twitter with Twitterific

I’m not a huge Twitter user, but it has largely replaced reading RSS feeds in daily use for me. My primary interface for it is my phone or iPad, and I chose Tweetbot as my client a long time ago. I was pleased with it, especially once it could sync my position in my timeline. But over the last few weeks its sync began failing for me, and none of the troubleshooting I tried revived it.

After poking around a bit, Twitterific seemed like the closest competitor in terms of features and polish, so I took the plunge. Sync via Tweet Marker has worked perfectly for me so far, and there are several features that are implemented better in Twitterific than in Tweetbot, in my opinion.

For example, I love how I can set it up to save links to either Instapaper or Pinboard at the same time. It never made sense to me why Tweetbot made me choose between these two services — there isn’t much overlap in the way I use them, yet it lumped these and others into the “Read Later” services. I tend to save lots of links to Pinboard that I think I might want to access later, but Instapaper is only for long articles I know I want to read later, most likely offline. Everything I post to Instapaper I want in my Pinboard account, but I don’t want random links cluttering up my Instapaper reading list. I never found a comfortable configuration in Tweetbot, even resorting to emailing links to my Instapaper account as a workaround.

I also like the implementation of “muffling” better in Twitterific than “muting” in Tweetbot. When I muffle a user in Twitterific, the program displays a single line indicating that the muffled user has posted something, a reminder that I’m still following them and can check back in any time. In Tweetbot, if I “mute” a user, I don’t see anything in my timeline from them.

Sleepless 2017 film

Reeder + Instapaper

I’ve been reading my feeds on my iPod touch with Reeder for years. Even after buying an iPad, I often read on my iPod because it’s almost always in my pocket. When I find something I want to read later or come back to, Reeder lets me easily send it to my Instapaper account with 2 taps, which is awesome.

One annoyance I had with Reeder, though, was how jarring it was to follow a link and have to resize a web page to read anything. Tonight, while poking around in the settings for Reeder to turn off lots of the send-to options I never use, I stumbled on this:

Screen shot of Reeder settings

So now when I follow a link from a feed item, it opens with Instapaper’s beautifully optimized layout applied for reading on my iPod touch. So nice.