MATATO work notes

Today I worked on making a connection to the Pi and getting a file from a specified directory, which works now. I used the MATLAB command line to connect and download all files in a directory:
mypi = raspi('','piUsername','password');
My current thinking is to transfer the most current file to the Mac, possibly even deleting it from the Pi after the transfer to save space. These should transfer into a unique directory on the Mac; alternatively, they could transfer into a ‘current’ directory, which is then copied and renamed after the experiment.
This approach wouldn’t take as much effort as trying to set everything up on the Pi alone, which would require basically rewriting the script and motor control bits in Python or something to run on the Pi. This may be the way to go in the long run, but for now it makes sense to just improve on what I had before by introducing the higher quality images from the Pi HQ camera.