Testing the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

I dabbled a little today with the RPi high quality camera using the same lens I use for the other image capture systems (a 75 mm fixed C-mount lens) with a 70 mm extension tube. I took a photo of a ruler and measured the distance of 3 mm in pixels, which I found to be 2144 pixels. The vertical distance in the frame was around 4 mm, which seems to be in the neighborhood of what I want for an Arabidopsis root experiment. This may mean I don’t really need a panel of multiple LEDs to achieve even background illumination, at least when using this lens and tube setup for a single root tracking experiment. OG ROTATO scaling is 664 µm per 100 pixels, or 6.64 µm/px. The RPi HQ camera has a resolution of 3000 µm in 2144 pixels, or 1.4 µm/px. This is 4.75x that of the old system.
If I’m going to use it for regular root experiments, I might remove the IR filter that’s glued to the sensor.

Photo of a ruler with the high quality RasPi camera