Getting back into the flow

I’m starting to at least think about getting back into the flow after a few weeks away from the usual schedule. At the end of July I spent about a week at the annual meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists, which was a great meeting for me this year. I heard lots of great science and got some excellent input and feedback from people I respect and admire. I also met a few new people and have some possible collaborations simmering now.

Since returning from the meeting, I’ve been mostly relaxing and taking some time away from the office. I’m getting some projects done around the house and spending time with the kiddos as much as I can before they start back to school next week.

While I’ve been away, it looks like Fargo has been doing everything but sitting still. I used it heavily to take notes on lectures and conversations while I was at the conference, so I’ve dabbled with some of the scripts in my menubar. I’m looking forward to thinking more about how to incorporate it into my class this fall.

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