Harpoon Craft Cider

harpoonI’m not a big drinker, but somedays just seem to call for a little something more than water or iced tea. Even though I’ve been a home brewer for many years, lately I’ve found that beer makes me sluggish and sleepy more than anything, so I’ve been sampling as many ciders as I can find this summer.Arsenal 2017 movie

Tonight I picked up a few singles at one of our great local craft beer shops, and one of them was Harpoon Craft Cider. It’s amazing the difference in complexity between this and, say, the Michelob hard cider I bought before it. It’s like the difference between eating an apple and an apple-flavored Jolly Rancher! It’s a very well-balanced, light, crisp drink with a complex collection of flavors. The 4.8% alcohol is low enough that I can do other things while drinking it (like write this), yet still feel a little more relaxed.

The only slight downside is that I’m getting a little hint of a cedar or wood note. It’s not enough to make me not want to drink it, but it’s there nonetheless. I’ll buy it again!

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