Evidence planted in an Oregon wheat field?

Several weeks ago, the USDA announced it had confirmed the presence of Roundup-Ready wheat in an Oregon field. Roundup-Ready wheat underwent field trials in the late 90’s and early 00’s, but trials were suspended before final approval was granted. The wheat is a match to the exact strain tested by Monsanto. Now it appears somebody may have planted evidence (sorry, couldn’t resist at least one bad pun):

“None of standard farming practices are consistent with, or can explain, a smattering in only one percent of a field or in patches or clumps,” he said. “In our view the finding is suspicious.”

The strain of wheat has never been shown to be harmful, and it carries the same genetic construct as several Roundup-Ready crops that have been approved. But the wheat has not completed the approval process, so the finding caused considerable concern.

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