Clicker questions from an iPad

I’m using my iPad to present the key points at the start of each class, and yesterday I wanted to ask some interactive clicker-type questions with , like I had done . Students could submit responses via text message, but I immediately ran into a problem with students trying to respond via the web. phentermine The was loading, but indicating that there was no active poll for them to respond to. I didn’t realize that in order to accept responses over the web you need to be running the questions from a computer with Flash. Their FAQ seems to assume this, at least, so I figured I was out of luck with the iPad.

Then I stumbled upon a blog post on their site announcing their , which perfectly solves the problem. It allows you to fully control the polling process from a tablet or smartphone just by going to a . Here you can create new polls, stop and start polls, and push polls to . This is exactly what I needed, and I’m looking forward to trying it tomorrow in class. My only suggestion for them is to add this somewhere on their so it’s more easily discovered.

3 thoughts on “Clicker questions from an iPad

  1. Hi Chris,

    Have you tried Socrative on the iPad? A member of our iPad PLC used it extensively during our sessions last year and really enjoyed it, as did we. Just another tool to consider for the iPad toolbox.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Tom. I haven’t tried that one. One advantage to Poll Everywhere is that students can use their cell phones if they don’t have something connected to the Internet, which seems to be true of about half of my class most days.

  3. Main problem with systems like Poll Everywhere is having to feed your questions and answers into the system beforehand. Other simpler options like circumvent this with only the minor drawback that the historical results are less well labelled.

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